Why AutoStaffers

                              10 Reasons Why You Should Use AutoStaffers!

 Source Hiring Is Good Business Sense

AutoStaffers of New England eliminates the work of placing ads, screening phone calls and resumes, interviewing, networking, and checking out the responses, all of which take time. Time is Money.

Interviewing Takes Time

 AutoStaffers of New England personnel have reviewed detailed applications, checked references, and interviewed each automotive candidate personally.

Background Checks Are Time Consuming

AutoStaffers of New England candidates are personally screened and pre-qualified without revealing your name to associates or competitors.

The Best Automotive Candidates Need Confidentiality

  AutoStaffers of New England will coordinate interviews to ensure confidentiality for your Automotive Company and for the Auto Candidate.

Good Managers May Be Poor Recruiters

Many automotive recruiting efforts result in poorly chosen or under qualified personnel because the interviewer was impatient to fill the position or was preoccupied with day-to-day operations.

Auto Managers May Seek Their Own Image

AutoStaffers of New England analyzes automotive clients and candidates to provide people to complement your automotive company.

Salary Jealousy Is Minimized

AutoStaffers of New England deals directly with Executive Management so that other personnel do not have unauthorized access to salary and other information.

Some Employees Don’t Work Out

AutoStaffers of New England guarantees auto placements for 90 days. If your new automotive employee is separated for any reason, you are not faced with the job of recruiting again. AutoStaffers or New England will provide new auto candidates immediately without charge.

Most Agencies Don’t Know Your Business

AutoStaffers of New England management teams are “Car People.” We have many years of automotive retail experience in car dealerships as General and Executive Managers.

Ads Are Not Confidential

A discreet phone call with AutoStaffers of New England will ensure that no one else in your organization is aware that you are seeking replacement or additional personnel.