For more than 25 years, AutoStaffers of New England has been serving the recruiting and staff development needs for some of the best automotive retailers in New England. We understand retail, we understand the automobile business, and we understand your needs.

We have successfully recruited and placed thousands of people ranging in disciplines from entry level careers to General Management and Director of Operations. Our specialty is not merely locating the best talent available, but pre-screening and background verification.businessmen-42691__180



Our success and growth since 1989 have been based on two simple premises:

◾The management team is the most critical factor in determining the level of   success of any auto dealer.
◾ The retail auto industry has historically suffered from a shortage of talented people and the current evolution of the industry has exacerbated that shortage.


The new, evolving retail auto market demands having absolutely the best people in place across your dealership. These candidates tend not to be the legions of people that are calling you and emailing their resumes to you every day.business-suit-690048__180 The right candidates are usually busy helping their existing dealers succeed. They are not actively searching for a better opportunity and do not see or respond to employment advertising. In most cases, they are well compensated and protected by their employer from the temptation to test the market. That is where we come in. Our job is to identify, vet and court these top performing candidates for our clients.


We partner with dealers around the country to identify, hire and retain the best automotive professionals available. Candidates that not only have the experience and drive to succeed, but also fit the culture of our clients’ organizations. We are proud of the positive impact we have had on our clients’ dealerships and our candidates’ careers. We welcome the opportunity to assist you in building the very best team possible to maximize the return on your dealership investment.